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VDTSVisual Digital Video Time Stamp (software)
VDTSVisual/Video Display Terminal Supervisor
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To maintain proper posture and avoid problems, the VDT literature suggests that operators adopt the following recommendations.
The NIOSH study and another now under way by researchers at New York City's Mount Sinai School of Medicine were undertaken in response to reports in the last decade of clusters of miscarriages among women who spend much or most of their time at work using VDTs.
Schaumberg and co-authors reported an association between prolonged VDT use and MGD, but they were unclear whether VDT use "might contribute to the development of MGD itself or just exacerbate symptoms in preexisting MGD" (p.
Table 3: Causes of eyestrain in the age group: 10 to 12 years Age Group 10 to 12 Convergence Insufficiency 2 Phorias 3 Tropias 2 VDTS 8 OSD 3 Normal 7 Miscellaneous 1 Total 26 As seen in the bar diagram, convergence insufficiency seems to be the major cause eyestrain in 10-12 years of age
The limits vary with vertical angle from nadir, and differ for environments with intensive and casual visual display terminal (VDT) use.
Chemical synthesis of E-cinnamyl acetate: This molecule (VdTs) was synthesized and its structure was confirmed by NMR.All chemicals and solvents were pure and were purchased from Sigma-Aldrich and Fluka.
Extremely low frequency (45-60 Hz) EMFs were associated with spontaneous abortion after exposure to electrically heated beds, ceiling cable electric heating (Wertheimer & Leeper, 1989), or VDT use (Goldhaber, Polen, & Hiatt, 1988).
The handheld VSA-3000 component of the Medoc system was used to measure VDTs for a 100 Hz stimulus frequency.
The ministry's study group on VDT affairs held hearings with doctors knowledgeable in the field of ergonomics last December and in March this year concerning the issue of how to respond to VDT-related technological innovations and health issues, they said.
So the role of journalism educators remains largely what it always has been: to train writers to use the tools at hand to express ideas clearly, whether the tool is a pen, typewriter, VDT or computer.
Office Politics also presents compelling information about how the "one-size-fits-all" design of VDTs has caused myriad serious health problems.
Jaschinski-Kruza (1988) stated that one reason for reports of visual fatigue from VDT workers is that the viewing distance is usually less than their dark-focus point.