VDVVerband Deutscher Verkehrsunternehmen
VDVRafael van der Vaart (Dutch footballer)
VDVVozdushno-Desantnye Voyska (Russian Federation Airborne Forces)
VDVVacuum Delay Valve
VDVVibration Dose Value
VDVVlaamse Diabetes Vereniging (Dutch: Flemish Diabetes Association; Gent, Belgium)
VDVVoice Data Video
VDVVerband Deutscher Vermessungsingenieure eV (Germany)
VDVVirtual Disaster Viewer (ImageCat, Inc.)
VDVVista Data Vision (Iceland)
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According to some reports, Ordukhan said in his statement that he means the 98th airborne troops "VDV", which is the 300th parachute-rifle regiment dislocated in the territory of Moldova.
Paratroopers from the Tula-based VDV formation were deployed at the training facilities of their Pskov counterparts to perform a deep airborne assault scenario.
Viena is svarbiausiu charakteristiku VDV tyrimu srityje yra slegio pokycio cilindre charakteristika (VDV indikatorine diagrama), kuri, esant tiek vidiniams, tiek isoriniams pakitimams, atspindi cilindre vykstancius degimo proceso pokycius, kurie tiesiogiai daro itaka tiek energetiniams, tiek ekologiniams VDV darbo parametrams ir kt.
Com relacao aos resultados de valor de dose de vibracao (VDV) (Figura 3), os valores encontrados situaram-se entre 41,65m [s.sup.-1,75] e 45,15m [s.sup.-1,75], o que causa um severo desconforto ao operador.
These types of threats are often handled by units called rapid reaction forces (RRF), such as the usual first responders, (i.e., the Russian Airborne forces (VDV)), but the term has been used in an ad-hoc manner.
In addition to Kern, other members are: Guillaume Pepy (SNCF, vice-chairman), Rudiger Grube (DB, vice-chairman), Andreas Meyer (SBB, vice-chairman), Jiri Kolar (SZDC, vice-chairman), Mauro Moretti (FSI), Ilona David (MAV), Roger Cobbe (ATOC), Crister Fritzson (ASTOC-SJ), Jakub Karnowski (PKP), Oliver Wolf (VDV), Dusan Mes (SZ) and Timo Huges (NS).
The previous two alert exercises, ordered by Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, revealed a number of systemic shortcomings, in particular in the Central and South Military Districts, the Airborne Assault Forces (VDV) and military transport aviation units.
These technologies range from VDV Leaky Feeder Radio Systems to the newest Wi-Fi (IP) based ImPact “One Network” Digital System.