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VDXVideotex Concentrator
VDXVisio Drawing Xml
VDXVirtual Device Driver
VDXVirtual Document Exchange
VDXVariable Data Exchange
VDXVehicle Distributed Executive (OSEK)
VDXView Designer/X (motif interface builder)
VDXVisio Drawing XML (Extensible Markup Language; file extension)
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Additionally, VDX has a close collaboration with partners and has a unique niche to deliver agile solutions to organisations with complex demands.
Brocade, Brocade Assurance, the B-wing symbol, DCX, Fabric OS, MLX, SAN Health, VCS, and VDX are registered trademarks, and AnyIO, Brocade One, CloudPlex, Effortless Networking, ICX, NET Health, OpenScript, and The Effortless Network are trademarks of Brocade Communications Systems, Inc., in the United States and/or in other countries.
EoACA[pounds sterling]The new Brocade VDX 6720 switches, powered by VCSEoAaAo technology, are a natural evolution of BrocadeEoACAOs trusted status in the data center EoACAo taking the best attributes from Fibre Channel and applying that knowledge to form a comprehensive Ethernet fabric.EoACA[yen]
Endeavor's Voyager interface to VDX, a software extension to interoperate with Fretwell-Downing's CDX interlibrary loan system, will also be employed for structured ILL e-mail messages from Voyager to the library's ILL system.
for its VDX and ZPORTAL software for the MnLINK Gateway.
[[integral].sub.[OMEGA]] 2[eta] D(u) : D(v)dx - [[integral].sub.[OMEGA]] p([nabla] * v)dx = [[integral].sub.[GAMMA].sub.[tau]] t * vdx, [for all] v [member of] V (14)
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With the close of this acquisition, Extreme acquires customer relationships, personnel and technology assets from Brocade including the SLX, VDX, MLX, CES, CER, Workflow Composer, Automation Suites, and certain other data center related products.
It has also included some important enhancements, such as The connecting lines are not connected while creating a VDX, Missing shapes on converting a VDX to VSDM, The text items are rendered vertically on converting a VDX to VSDM, Connectors are not in the right positions with changing the page layout in VSDX.
Brocade VDX switches also support multiple individual customer environments, which connect to the core network.