VECPValue Engineering Change Proposal
VECPVillierstown Education & Culture Project (Ireland)
VECPVoice Evacuation Control Panel (circuitry)
VECPVertical Eye Closure Penalty (Agilent)
VECPVisually Evoked Cortical Potential
VECPVietnam Energy Conservation Program
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After setting VECP, the next step is to tune the J2 and J9 jitter levels, which indicate the properties of the jitter distribution.
(5) Both contracts contained a VECP clause (6) encouraging Applied to present the government with cost savings measures by permitting the government to compensate Applied for any savings realized as a result of the VECP.
Unbeknownst to State Paving, the State of Florida began using the VECP data in bid requests for other projects.
Contract incentives (e.g., improving reliability, increasing MTBF, and reducing maintenance cycle time), Value Engineering Change Proposals (VECPs), shared savings from cost reduction initiatives, and other incentives motivate contractors to perform in a manner that enhances their profit and reduces TOC of the weapon system--a true win-win situation.
A VECP involves technical drawings and engineering calculations to demonstrate that the government's requirements are met with differing technology and at a lower cost.
The contractor has the latitude to use its own funds to make the full radome purchase without using the VECP clause.
It noted that before the government can calculate an amount due under a VECP clause, the contractor is "required to submit to the [contracting officer] the savings amount and technical basis for each [claim] asserted." (78) In addition to explaining this burden, the ASBCA observed that "the facts are clear--[Applied] did not follow though with technical and cost details necessary to apply the VECP to other [air conditioning] configurations." (79) Because of this, the Board rejected Applied's claim for increased payments pursuant to the VECP program.
"The fourth-order Bessel-Thomson filter is used to create ISI-induced VECP. The sinusoidal amplitude interferer causes additional eye closure, but in conjunction with the slowed edge rates from the filter, also causes jitter.
It enclosed a VECP with no detail, setting forth that the hood would be produced of "composite materials," which would have stated advantages.
It adds jitter and an interfering signal to degrade the eye and create VECP (vertical eye closure penalty).