VEDCOVolunteer Efforts for Development Concerns
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At first the offices were housed by VEDCO but later the project manager decided to have the offices stand alone.
This made the manager to look more of a supervisor to the partners especially VEDCO, which was the partner responsible for field activities.
Since ISU was carrying their activities through VEDCO, money had to be channeled through them.
The partners who came together to ensure the execution of CSRL were mainly three: VEDCO, MAK and ISU.
"We at Vedco are committed to meeting all requirements for quality and safety in the production and supply of feeds in order to promote bio-security and increase livestock production," said Saeed.
Training messages are delivered by community-based trainers (CBTs), who are paid VEDCO staff members selected from the local rural community.
Farmers (N=325) from four parishes of Butansi sub-county, Kamuli District (See Figure 1) who grew beans and were members of farmers' groups served by a local NGO named VEDCO participated in the study.
VEDCO tries to achieve its development goals by forming farm groups and training community leaders, namely rural development extensionists (RDEs) and community nutrition and health workers (CNHWs).
According to a study conducted by VEDCO, approximately 42% of 306 rural farming households in the Kamuli District own a mobile phone (CSRL, 2009).
Since farm group leaders are considered community leaders and are regularly trained by VEDCO staff, they may adopt productive uses of mobile phones earlier than nonleaders in farm groups.
A worldwide search determined that the most significant impact could be made in Uganda by partnering with a local development group (VEDCO) and Makerere University, one of the oldest (founded 1922) and most prestigious universities in Africa, with 33,000 students.
VEDCO Energy Corporation is developing two plants in North Carolina.