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VEDICVideo-Enhanced Differential Interference Contrast (microscopy technique)
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The first contribution, that of volume editor Hans Henrich Hock, sets out to resolve the apparent paradox of predicate-initial word order in Vedic prose: how does this word order come to predominate in the corpus, rather than the subject-initial word order that is elsewhere the default?
Vedic Mathematics or Sixteen Simple Mathematical Formulae from the Veda, Delhi.
Dr Harish Chandra, was awarded PS62,000 from the Arya Samaj Vedic Mission, in Nechells, Birmingham
Inspired by Pujya Shree, millions celebrate Vedic Holi with their friends and family across the nation.
Chef Tanmoy has the cuisine well in control and has been working for Vedic Village for years.
Respectable status attained by the girls is also indicated by the system of education prevalent in the Vedic society.
Jaisingh's engagement with the Vaisnava order was not limited to settling theological disputes, he also intended to revitalize the Vedic foundation of his kingship.
As it turned out, the book by the late Bharati Krishna Tirtha, the 143rd Shankaracharya of Puri, got him so completely hooked that he became a full-time Vedic mathematician.
Byline: Vedic maths trainer confident of changing common perceptions about the subject in a flash
Guests performed the traditional Indian Dandiya Raas, which is performed with colourful sticks as part of Vedic Navaratri festival celebrations.
Sadvhi Chaitanya, a Vedic monk, will be offered by the Light of Vedanta during the upcoming week.
THOUSANDS of followers chanted Vedic hymns as the body of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, the guru celebrated for bringing meditation to the West, was cremated.