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VEEVirtual and Extended Enterprise
VEEVlan Aggregator Electrical to Electrical
VEEVirtual End to End
VEEVirtual Events for Enterprise
VEEVirtual Enterprise Engineering
VEEVenezuelan Equine Encephalomyelitis
VEEValidation by Educational Experience (actuary)
VEEVisual Enhancement Engine (QuickLogic)
VEEVehicle Emergency Escape
VEEValidation, Estimation and Editing (energy usage data processing)
VEEVirtual Execution Environment
VEEVirtual Engineering Environment
VEEVirtual End-to-End
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But in what looked like a sudden twist to the unfolding drama was Demmie Vee was later seen in a new video where he prostrated.
Makgato said Vee was not only a brand ambassador for Orange Botswana, but for the entire industry.
A source close to the Guess company told TMZ that Marciano did have Vee sign a non-disclosure agreement after she threatened to go public with a "bogus" story. 
"There's higher unemployment and lower life expectancy than in much of the rest of the UK," says Vee. "Our mission is to strengthen community spirit and support, develop mutual respect for all and get people back to work."
Gary Vee existed on an annual income of $30,000 or less for five years to build a wine business.
They practically live here." Over the click of the phone's electronic shutter, Vee heard a dull clink and thunk on the floor behind her, much like the sound of glass against wood.
Vee gave Bob Dylan his start in the music business.
Vee went on to record 38 Top 100 hits, topping the US charts with Take Good Care of My Baby.
Despite working alongside Hugh Jackman in Pan, Vee said his starring role in Doctor Who Christmas Special Voyage of the Damned has been his career highlight.
Also, with its specialized subsidiaries, VEE Production Services and Costumes and Creatures, VEE's production workshop which provides entertainment, promotion and event marketing services for other brands through custom-designed shows, mascots, and other promotional events.
Vee's victims included former Brighouse skipper Will Smith (19), and the visitors were struggling at 128-6.