VEEGVideo Electroencephalogram
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All VEEG data were independently reviewed in detail by a trained EEG technician and an attending epileptologist.
Among them, VEEG findings in 31 (30.1%) patients correlated with MRI abnormalities.
This rate is similar to that of 25-40% of new epilepsy cases in the older people in the literature.[14] One patient in our study who presented with syncope was diagnosed with psychogenic nonepileptic seizures after negative MRI and VEEG findings and then suffered from seizure clusters 4 months after withdrawal of AEDs.
During VEEG, patients are monitored by video camera and EEG for several hours to several days.
P to an epilepsy center for VEEG. The results reveal an interictal EEG without epileptiform discharges.
Only 18% of psychiatrists report being confident of a PNES diagnosis based on VEEG. (27)
Clinical and EEG data of the patients were collected, including gestational age (GA), birth weight (BW), onset, type, and frequency of seizure, whether the neonates with status convulsion (SC), administration of AEDs, etiology, and results of aEEG and vEEG. Trained nurses in the neonatal ward were responsible for aEEG recording within 24 h of the newborns' admission and observing clinical seizures.
The other two patients with neonatal seizures were initially controlled by phenobarbital satisfactorily, but manifested refractory seizure till 3 months old with severely abnormal vEEG and developmental delay, were finally diagnosed with EOEE.
VEEG is considered as the 'golden standard' for the diagnosis of seizures.
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