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VEEPVoluntary Ethnic Enrollment Program
VEEPVirginia Environmental Excellence Program
VEEPVoluntary Energy Efficiency Programme
VEEPVermont Energy Education Program
VEEPValue Engineered Environmental Payload
VEEPVEctor Editor and Preparer
VEEPVolunteers for Environment and Education Program (Nepal)
VEEPVoter Engagement Evaluation Project
VEEPVincristine, Epirubicin, Etoposide and Prednisolone (chemotherapy regimen)
VEEPVoluntary Ethnic Enrollment Plan
VEEPVillage Employment and Environment Project (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
VEEPVirtual Environment Education Project
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The last season of 'Veep' is special for the actor as it marked her return after her cancer treatment.
"Game of Thrones" and "Veep" are fierce competitors, with each winning the last three times they were in contention.
The Veep continued that a barrage of infrastructuraldevelopment-driven initiatives are in the pipeline to make sure that the current road network in the country is improved, as well as works on the railways, a 100,000 affordable housing unit coming from the Ministry of Works and Housing, in collaboration with the United Nations, are all going to start within this year.
"Veep" has been around a lot longer than that, lampooning the unseemly striving and fake displays of empathy in the Washington milieu since the Obama years, with the obfuscatory schemes, protocols and snakey personality types who probably also tormented the Founding Fathers.
The delays in production could also cause a delay in the premiere for "Veep" Season 7.
Her Veep co-star, Timothy Simons, who plays Jonah Ryan in the series, praised her for using her announcement to help other people.
Since 1987 veeps are either a threat to neutralize, or, in the rare exception when a ticket won, to fill with a person so unsuited to be president, their holding the job would in turn help the president keep theirs.
Fantasy drama series "Game of Thrones" and comedy "Veep" proved repeat winners for cable giant HBO at the Emmy awards on Sunday, but newcomers and actors of colour also made their mark in a ceremony where election-year politics played large.
The playing field comprises two broadcast hits ("Black-ish" and "Modem Family"), two incisive HBO shows ("Veep" and "Silicon Valley"), two from Netflix ("Master of None" and "Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt"), and Amazon's "Transparent." The Netflix pair would have been unlikely to have made it on the air before the SVOD revolution, and "Transparent" has helped drive the nation forward in its understanding of transgender issues.
The writers of American political comedy "Veep" thought it was the most meaningless slogan they could conjure up, but in Australia, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull looks to have adopted it with relish.
THE Thick Of It's US spin-off Veep conquered the comedy categories at the 2015 Emmy awards, winning five gongs.