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VEERVariable Emergency Electrically Rotated
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Reversal of the Situation is a change by which the action veers round to its opposite, subject always to our rule of probability or necessity.
Then, after tea, the wind veers round, and you have to pull hard in its teeth all the way home.
They veers so far from time and place that, although most of them related to our country and epoch, I could not imagine anything approximate from them; and Hawthorne himself seemed a remote and impalpable agency, rather than a person whom one might actually meet, as not long afterward happened with me.
Jai won the under-135cm below blackbelt category and Veer won the under-145cm black belt category after each overcoming two other competitors.
Fuel poverty lobby National Energy Action called on Van der Veer to back his words with action.
Near the middle of the season Coach Yeoman borrowed a formation from the University of Miami that he had used a year earlier and came up with the first triple option offense, otherwise known as the Houston Veer.
The recent deal reflects the sale of 427 of 438 remaining Veer Towers units previously held as developer inventory.
The requirement of land projected initially by Airports Authority of India (I) for construction of a new terminal building of Veer Savarkar International Airport at Port Blair was 26.
for AT&T customers, HP Veer 4G is available in black and white.
According to Salman's Veer , poor Pindari soldiers in the 19th century could afford whatever hefty regime it takes to maintain six- pack ( or is it eight?
Back in 1965, Veer was dumbstruck when setting eyes on Harleen.
Perhaps Ms van de Veer should talk to the parents of the little boy who wandered out of his nursery and ended up dead in a garden pond, or perhaps the parents of James Bulger.