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VEHVereniging Eigen Huis (Dutch real estate association; Netherlands)
VEHVectored Exception Handler
VEHVietnam Equity Holding
VEHVirus de la Estúpidez Humana (Spanish: Virus of Human Stupidity)
VEHVascular Endothelial Hyperplasia
VEHVéhicule Electrique et Hybride (French: Electric and Hybrid Vehicle)
VEHvehicular cargo (US DoD)
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Twenty-eight naive rats, CLI (n = 13) and VEH (n = 15) were used.
Animals from treatments CLI and VEH were matched by body weight and were randomly assigned to one of the following groups: CLI 32 (n = 7); VEH 32 (n = 8); CLI 4 (n = 6), and VEH 4 (n = 7), depending on the neonatal treatment (CLI or VEH) and the reward magnitude received during pre-shift phase (Trials 1-10, 32% or 4% sucrose solutions).
CLI 4, VEH 32 and VEH 4 (Trials 1, 2 and 3) and VEH 4 vs.
0003), VEH 32 vs VEH 4 groups on trials 11 and 12 (p< .
The main results of this study indicated that CLI rats showed a cSNC effect only during the first downshift trial, while VEH animals showed this effect on two post-shift trials, which indicates a faster recovery of CLI animals.