VEIVirgin Express Ireland (airline)
VEIVolcanic Explosivity Index
VEIVehicule Economiquement Irreparable (French: Economically Irreparable Vehicle; insurance)
VEIVehicle End Item (US NASA)
VEIVermont Earth Institute (environmental sustainability; est. 1994)
VEIVehicle Electronics Interface
VEIVector Engineering Incorporated (Olympia, WA)
VEIValrik Enterprises Inc. (Ontario, Canada)
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Seven student spent months working on a business plan for an engraving company for VEI (Virtual Enterprises International) an entrepreneurship class offered at more than 500 high schools nationwide.
And it is also well recognized for keeping keeping traditional Fijian values like vei lomani - directly translated as 'love in action' - alive.
8, 1968, Vietnamese forces advanced along Route 9 to Lang Vei west of Khe Sanh with amphibious PT-76 tanks capable of fording streams and small rivers to bring their 76 mm cannon to bear on American troops.
Based in Philadelphia, VEI is a privately held company with nearly a decade of expertise and leadership in demand response, energy management and storage.
The initial 25 million euros investment by Intesa Sanpaolo and VEI Capital, which will be underwritten by and shared equally between the two partners, maybe increased up to a possible 100 million euros on the strength of subsequent capital increases and backing for acquisitions.
These new cities will become part of a network of 500 student-run VEI programs in the U.
c Kaylea y,e 23, said he enjoyso being on both sides of the camerar andis also very protectir vei ofhis two-yw ear -oldr brother r Logan.
VEI invests in private equity as well as infrastructure projects.
If Eyjafjallajokull had a VEI ranking of 4, an eruption ten times as powerful would have a VEI figure of 5 -- according to MSB, such an explosion would release between 1 and 10-billion cubic meters of tephra and have a plume soaring 25 kilometers into the sky.
Artillery), we fired all day in support of Lang Vei.
MOLLIE HOLST, Tors vei 41A, N-3040 Drammen, Norway.
Given the w molding factor and the entries in both The New Tables and The Very New Tables, the v molding factor (not necessarily restricted to be positive) needed by VEI may be computed (see equation 2).