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Camillus at Veii was of an age to remember a pestilence that hit Rome in 433 BCE.
VEII said the acquisition of TSI provides a local platform for efforts to increase VEII's customer base outside of Hong Kong-China, and enhance VEII's growth line and provide a new revenue source.
Magadha's supremacy was, at first, challenged by such kingdoms as Koala and Kasha and the clan state of Veii, but her kings proved to be brilliant both at strategy and at tactics in warding off their threats.
Veii and the Permanent Secretary Steve Katjiuanjo for their continued support regarding the BAS program.
More ambitious than either "Juno of the Veii" or "A Gingham Dress" is "Badger." Unambiguously idyllic, it recounts a trip a twelve-year-old boy named Allen, shy and lonely, makes into Copenhagen, where he meets his imaginary dog, Badger.
51-55), Camillus makes a powerful speech to the Romans, persuading them to stay in Rome rather than decamp to Veii. The placement of a statue of Camillus in the Capitoline by the French Republicans in 1798, therefore, would have ironically suggested that the French, as 'new Romans,' had saved the Capitol in Rome.
Angela Veii, coordinator of the Lutheran World Federation (LWF) National Committee in Namibia, reported that "All those present agreed that violence--especially domestic abuse--is rife in our society, and that much needs to be done to assist in the healing of our people and putting an end to the vicious cycle of violence." The women called for support groups, counseling and different forms of accompaniment that could help victims to overcome feelings of shame and worthlessness, helplessness and isolation.
Nor was I much interested in pop art itself It was Soutine loved, and the Apollo of Veii, he of the large eyes and shattered arms, and I rather loathed art that was ephemeral and facetious and mocking.
Here, as in "Herakleitos," "Juno of the Veii," and "August Blue," Davenport works from archival yet remote and obscure material.
As one witty and disgruntled Roman citizen remarked: "Rome is becoming a house; so, off with you to Veii, Roman citizens!--unless that infamous house occupies Veii as well" (Suetonius, Nero xxxix.
The first serious clash between Etruscans and the Romans was over Veii which fell to Rome probably in 396 BC.