VELKDVereinigte Evangelisch Lutherische Kirche Deutschlands (German church group)
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3 A new perception of the Declaration as a confession at the Reisensburg Symposium of the VELKD
So it was, for example, that the suggestion made in 1949 that a common communion service should be held at the next EKD synod came to nothing because the VELKD, which had meanwhile also been founded, objected that the emergency wartime situation should not be taken up as general practice.
That being said, the new constitution of the VELKD of 3 Match 2007 does not seem to have incorporated this change for, with regard to Barmen, it has not moved away from the well-known minimal reception of 1948: "The rejections expressed there, interpreted by the Lutheran confession of faith, continue to be the standard for the Church's action.
Erwartungen des bayerischen Landebischofs and Catholica-Beauflragten der VELKD," pp.
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United Evangelical Lutheran Church of Germany: Die Ehe als Leitbild christlicher Orientierung: Gutachtliche Stellungnahme der Kirchenleitung der VELKD zum Einspruch des Bischofskollegiums gegen einen Beschluss der Synode der Nordelbischen Ev.