VEMSVirtual Enterprise Management System
VEMSVersatile Engine Management Systems
VEMSVBrick Enterprise Media System (software suite; VBrick Systems, Inc.)
VEMSVolume Expiratoire Maximum Seconde (French)
VEMSVersatile Exercise Mine System
VEMSVehicle Emergency Messaging System (Ford)
VEMSVirtual Expert Mass Spectrometrist
VEMSVirtual Earth's Magnetosphere System
VEMSVirtual Event Management System
VEMSVillanova Emergency Medical Service (Villanova, PA)
VEMSVisible Emissions Monitoring System
VEMSValue Engineering Management System
VEMSVirtual Exhibition Management System
VEMSVisionary & Enterprising Management Services (Salisbury East, South Australia)
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Le resultat du VEMS post-bronchodilatateur permet de classer la maladie selon le degre de severite de l'obstruction bronchique.
Beyond that, VEMS is the software which automatically controls major energy consumers (ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and electricity) and now gives you even more possibilities like: a mobile application allowing you to change every parameter of your buildings; a back office module, which gives you support for any kind of reports about sales and movement of people or media consumption, and more.
For more information about the VEMS platform or any of the other lighting-edge technologies from Ushio America, Inc., visit or call 800.838.7446.
"Aspire Zone has a clear vision to become a prominent player in the global sports arena and Mahindra Satyam is honored to share our expertise and know-how as well as our global presence in supporting this ambitious vision." The Aspire Zone VEMS technology portfolio was built with the support of Mahindra Satyam's expert resources.
VEMs occur most often in countries with high rates of endemic hepatitis B infection and universal hepatitis B vaccine immunization programs, such as Taiwan.
Fifteen years after introduction of universal infant immunization in that country, the prevalence of VEMs among individuals with hepatitis B disease was close to 25%.
As societies became more complex and the repertoire of behaviors longer, abstract symbols--Values, Ethics and Morals (VEMs)--were introduced to map behavior.
The use of VEMs to estimate wetlands-based recreational use values has several potential advantages.
The company is also closely involved in the BAE Versatile Exercise Mine System (VEMS) and the Strachan & Henshaw Submarine Weapon Ejection System (SWES).
Martin's new ShadowCat Hunter bow features seven VEMs (Vibration Escape Modules) positioned at key points in the riser to maximize their dampening effect.