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Pretermination venography and CT/ CT venography of the control device, the OptEase Retrievable Vena Cava Filter (the animal was terminated on day 183 after implantation), identified no IVC filter-related complications.
Entre las contraindicaciones absolutas se encuentran: traumatismo abdomino-pelvico grave, infeccion proxima o en el sitio de insercion, trombosis de la vena cava inferior, iliaca o femoral.
Superior vena cava obstruction (SVCO) syndrome is generally an uncommon but serious complication occurring in <0.1% of patients of pacemaker implantation.
Upon evaluation of the patient, we found that she has a huge Right Renal tumour invading into the liver and adjacent structures in addition to a large malignant thrombus extending into the Inferior Vena Cava," he said.
The prevalence of congenital inferior vena cava anomalies is difficultto pinpoint and is estimated to occur in 0.05-8.7% of the population.
Diagnosis by ultrasonography of congestion of the caudal vena cava secondary to thrombosis in 12 cows.
Congenital anomalies of the inferior vena cava (IVC) such as hypoplasia, duplication of the IVC or the absence of the infrahepatic IVC are very rare in the general population, described in a proportion of 0.2%-1% (10-12).
Bilateral or left atrial drainage of right superior vena cava: anatomic, morphogenetic and surgical considerations report of three new cases and literature review.
An abdominal ultrasound revealed partial regression of the inferior vena cava thrombosis.
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