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VENCViterbi Encoding
VENCVideo Encoder
VENCValentine Eleebana Netball Club (Australia)
VENCVarsity Equestrian National Championships (intercollegiate)
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--Obrigacoes Senior NB 6,9% venc. Junho de 2024, com o ISIN PTBENIOM0016.
--Obrigacoes Senior NB 4,75% venc. Jan de 2018, com o ISIN PTBENJOM0015.
Secondly, PC imaging requires that the optimal VENC, which cannot be precisely known in advance, is predicted a priori.
VENC is generally recommended at 50 cm/s to best measure flow in the major draining veins while still having enough SNR in slow-flow vessels.
The VENC value can be estimated a priori by using a quick VENC scout imaging sequence for the vessel of interest.
Suggested velocity-encoding value (VENC) for sample vessels (in cm/second) Range of Suggested peak velocity VENC Ascending aorta 100-160 200 Main pulmonary artery 60-120 150 Right and left pulmonary artery 60-120 150 Superior vena cava 50-80 100