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Venet does not write an economic history in A Changing Wind: Commerce and Conflict in Civil War Atlanta, contrary to the title.
In the past, the gallery has displayed Venet's monumental steel sculptures from his Indeterminate Line series.
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Venet (2001), "Granger causality tests in panel data models with fixed coefficients", 12th (EC) Conference on Causality and Exogeneity in Econometrics, Core Louvain - Ia - Neuve.
Una vision que complementa los anteriores estudios es la de Betancourth, Burbano y Venet quienes realizan una investigacion que buscaba conocer la coherencia entre el discurso y el actuar de una docente con respecto a las relaciones docente-estudiantes en preescolar.
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(2) Many of the datasets used are biased in one or several ways, as clearly shown by Venet et al.
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11-12; Fabienne Venet Rebiffe and Irene Palma Calderon, eds., Seguridad para el migrante: Una agenda por construir, Documento de trabajo No.
For example, scores on subscales of the SCBE have been associated with performance in the WPPSI-R and the Lollipop test (Venet et al.