VENSVery Early Nutritionally Supplemented
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We developed VENS Today in response to market demand," said Adexis Vice President Mike Trautman.
For companies who want VENS Today, Versitec will begin supporting current Veritas NetBackup contracts that are up to six months away from expiration and install VENS for a minimal monthly fee to bring immediate enhancements.
Benefits of VENS include exceptionally secure support communication, a comparative database for problem solving, proactive and consolidated failed job reports, disaster recovery insurance and easy-to-obtain client files with a single command.
VENS is powered by ISOdx, a revolutionary change diagnostic and reporting solution.
While VENS is provided to Versitec NetBackup customers at no cost, other NetBackup users can obtain VENS through Versitec, 888-722-6548, www.
Scheduled webinars will provide a 30-minute overview for the new VENS users.
While VENS is provided to Versitec NBU customers at no cost, other NBU users can purchase VENS through Versitec, email VENS@versitec.