VENSVery Early Nutritionally Supplemented
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References in classic literature ?
"How do you tink she can be ven you leave her to kill herself so?
"You had ought to haf had a doctor, und not vaited so long--it vas too late already ven I come." Once more there was deathlike stillness.
No, no; reg'lar rotation, as Jack Ketch said, ven he tied the men up.
'Two coves in vhite aprons-- touches their hats ven you walk in--"Licence, Sir, licence?" Queer sort, them, and their mas'rs, too, sir--Old Bailey Proctors --and no mistake.'
We eats our biled mutton without capers, and don't care for horse-radish ven ve can get beef.'
“I telt yon vat, gal!” said the old German, good-humoredly ; “if I vas as I vas ven I servit mit his grand-fader on ter lakes, ter lazy tog shouldn’t vin ter prize as for nottin’.”
Brezendly, ven I haf dze zilver bolished und my odder dudies zo numerous berformed, I do Herr Blazzervig vil vith von liddle szdory vich you do know go.
Ven der man bets on himself dat is der time you bet too--"
Scientia's Leeds-based managing director, Richard Littlehales, said: "We are delighted to have been chosen by Yorkshire Forward to develop the VEN solution.
"The VEN programme has the potential to make a major impact on the business community.