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VENTVictor Emanuel Nature Tours (birding; est. 1976; Austin, TX)
VENTVisio Enterprise Network Tools (Microsoft Corporation)
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She would, indeed, sometimes make a few observations, as that men were headstrong, and must have their own way, and would wish she had been blest with an independent fortune; but these were always vented in a low voice, and at the most amounted only to what is called muttering.
It was easy to see that a hurricane of mighty fury had vented itself upon it.
Oaths, threats, and execrations, were vented on all sides.
Upon this poor being, all the spleen and ill-humour that could not be vented on Nicholas were unceasingly bestowed.
Devices such as smart vents are also gaining traction in the market.
Stitch the remaining center-back seam and secure the end of the seam at the vent opening with a backstitch or two.
Trying to vent warm, moist air from a bathroom or kitchen out through them returns the moisture back into the attic.
Vent-SID is designed to be placed near vents and suck vent fluids into an incubator chamber.
Dryer Vent Wizard of NY Metro has been listed on Angie's List since 2015.
For instance, Cubbage and Simmonds [11, 12] developed one correlation that includes the effect of vent area coefficient on the explosion overpressure in cubical vessels with volumes varying from 0.23 [m.sup.3] to 14.16 [m.sup.3].
Table 1--Bulk soybean grain mass average temperatures, in different parts of vertical metallic warehouses with curved vent and exhaust systems, from January to May 2012, Ponta Grossa--PR.