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VEOViolent Extremist Organization
VEOVillage Executive Officer (Tanzania)
VEOVeterans Experience Office
VEOVisible Emissions Observation (EPA)
VEOValue Engineering Officer (USACE)
VEOValence Electron Only
VEOViscous Ethyl Oleate
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Teamed with further planned product development, we expect to see VEO expand quickly over the course of the year, taking our technology to businesses the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.
Veo is a model for the kind of mixed-use family living that serves as a keystone for the South Bay's rebirth, as it's an ideal setting for a variety of family types.
The VEO Direct Lateral System offers a comprehensive portfolio of interbody implants in both parallel and lordotic angles to match each patient's anatomy.
Paradigm Veo alerts the patient if their glucose levels drop too low, and stops them getting more insulin if they don't respond to the alert.
Yo veo los poemas mas ingentes en los ojos del silencio, yo los veo, los cuelgo semanas en mis paredes y se cantan con colores vivos en la hoja que no es blanca si no es ojos, ojas.
Me altero por las cosas que veo que ocurren alrededor" que se pesa en este factor en las muestras espanolas, pero que en Davis no aparece, se pesa moderadamente (.
In a VEO, employees have a commitment to their organization that goes beyond grabbing the next paycheck.
Solo veo ahi llamear a Acevedo por nosotros con decision de varon, estricto y justiciero, pino y adobe, alumbrando el vuelo de los desaparecidos a todo lo aullante de la costa: solo veo al inmolado.
The Veo Mobile Connect is the first PC camera in the mass U.
MADRID Two new national Spanish broadcasters look set to debut on the Riviera: the ad-driven digital terrestrial webs Net TV and Veo TV, both set to launch in early 2002.
Berdayes's Si tu vieras lo que veo desde aqui ("If You Saw What I See From Here") is the choreographer's personal vision of the individual's relationship to contemporary society.