VEOSVery Early Onset Schizophrenia
VEOSVirtual Environment Operating System (computer project; University of Washington)
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Similarly, VEOs located in Afghanistan conduct attacks inside Pakistan.
However, it also has the meaning, "holy war," and the person who engages in the fight is called a "mujahid" the plural of which is "mujahideen." (6) Hence, we get the term "freedom fighters" during the fight against the Soviets in Afghanistan, (7) and then once the global violent Jihadist networks emerged mainly under the banner of al-Qaeda, the common term to describe them now is "Jihadists," and "violent extremist organizations," or VEOs. "Jihadism" is the principal term used for the violent ideologies that these VEOs promote under the banner of their narrow interpretation of the word "Jihad."
'While Pakistan has conducted some operations against VEOs in Pakistan, they must continue to expand these operations and remain aggressively engaged.
Combatant commanders face some subset of five key challenges (competing long-term with China and Russia, while deterring and countering North Korea, Iran, and VEOs), referred to as the "2+3" in their geographic region or functional area.
The more we prepare and influence how the government and security forces respond to the threats they face, the greater the burden will be on the VEO. Finally, SOF elements in Africa are directly contributing to the continuous pressure that we and our allies are putting on VEOs.
In the post 9/11 security environment, VEOs purposefully employ a strategy of irregular warfare to mitigate the advantages of American technological superiority and render many modern weapon systems and doctrine that the Air Force had spent decades developing largely irrelevant.
in village D), demand the summary of VNREC revenue and expenditure, so that it can be presented by the VEO in quarterly reports to the village assembly.
Le groupe diversifie alors son portefeuille d'activit[beaucoup plus grand que] et lance Veos DD qui sera, selon des sources sA'res, suivi d'autres initiatives de diversification de revenus au Maroc.
The FMU was integrated with VEOS for the MiL approach and with SCALEXIO for the EiL approach.
The economy, defense budget cuts, sequestration, turbulent political and social climate, strategic shift to the Pacific, uncertainty of state actors such as Russia, China, North Korea and Iran, coupled with Violent Extremist Organizations (VEOs), cyber attacks, and our own national elections are all potential disruptors to our national security.
Al Harthy states that the group has achieved a pro t of RO115mn; however, after provisions for impairment in WTL & VEOS Programme, the net pro t after tax was RO48.5mn compared to the net profit of RO115.217mn in 2014.