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VEPVisual Evoked Potential
VEPVara de Execuções Penais (Portuguese: Criminal Executions Court; Brazil)
VEPVisually Evoked Potential
VEPvia Embedded Processor Platform
VEPVisual Editor Update
VEPVoter Education Project
VEPValue Engineering Proposal
VEPVirginia Electric Power
VEPVeterans Education Project (Amherst, MA)
VEPVenus Entry Probe (European Space Agency)
VEPVideo Expansion Port
VEPVertical Error Probable
VEPValue Engineering Plan
VEPVestibule Electro-Pneumatic (Southern Railway; UK)
VEPVideo Entrance Panel
VEPVitrage Extérieur Pareclosé (French: Exerior Glass Bead; building construction)
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Also, VEP assumes the material is viscoelastoplastic with a linear creep rate which would be more accurately modeled by a decaying, nonlinear creep rate [11].
We have previously shown that both doses strongly enhance the visual cortex reactivity assessed by VEP [13].
The VEP is very useful in detecting an anterior visual conduction disturbance; however, it is not specific with regard to etiology.
[11] studied the effect of ID anemia on flash VEP of growing children and found that in both eyes latencies of N1, P1, and N2 waves were prolonged in the anemic group compared with the control group.
The Mystery of Irma Vep is directed by Matthew Michael Schiel and stars David Russell and Ryan Sturm as the two actors who play every single role in this multi-character production.
We had the opportunity to perform the VEP examination in a group of patients who survived the outbreak of methanol poisoning which happened in the Czech Republic in 2012-2013.
We aimed to compare the wave amplitude of VEP between patients with esotropic and anisometropic amblyopic eyes and a normal group.
Europe based VEP will contribute new patents and licenses to BWPC contingent upon the latter providing an initial funding of up to USD2m for the new entity, STO.
A variety of firms (size, ownership, geographic location) were obtained from a VEP since we were also interested in the role VEP might play in the implementation of ETP.
Under the terms of the contract and state administrative code, a VEP participant, who in violation of the contract enters a state casino, agrees to surrender any jackpot or thing of value won as a result of a wager made at the casino.
Like last year's wonderful record HAHA, Irma Vep offered a very personal experience.
Irma Vep will be the Forum Theatre of Wichita's first show of the new year, running Jan.