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VEPVertical Error Probable
VEPValue Engineering Plan
VEPVestibule Electro-Pneumatic (Southern Railway; UK)
VEPVitrage Extérieur Pareclosé (French: Exerior Glass Bead; building construction)
VEPVideo Entrance Panel
VEPVideo Expansion Port
VEPVisually Evoked Potential
VEPVoter Education Project
VEPVara de Execuções Penais (Portuguese: Criminal Executions Court)
VEPVisual Evoked Potential
VEPVenus Entry Probe (European Space Agency)
VEPVeterans Education Project (Amherst, MA)
VEPVirginia Electric Power
VEPValue Engineering Proposal
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LKC medical devices include Pattern and Multifocal ERGs (PERG/mfERG), Pattern ERG (PERG), Pattern VEP, Multifocal VEP, ISCEV Standard ERG/EOG/VEP, animal ERG/VEP, and theRET eval(TM) device.
A variety of firms (size, ownership, geographic location) were obtained from a VEP since we were also interested in the role VEP might play in the implementation of ETP.
An individual can enter into the state's VEP for a period of one year, five years, or for life.
VEP elevates or lowers the upper portion of the prosthesis in a movement comparable to shoulder abduction and adduction.
Irma Vep will be the Forum Theatre of Wichita's first show of the new year, running Jan.
Of the eight that are in English, the topics include three parodies of Misanthropie et repentir, Prosper Merimee's hoax ethos, the anxiety of influence in Irma Vep, Deleuze and Cadiot on Robinson Crusoe and capitalism, and the selection of sources for Raymond Queneau's Le Chiendent.
Hawkins convinced the VEP team that Utah was a great place to locate a tech business and, based on Utah's well-trained university graduates, VEP agreed.
Reached on his cell phone, VEP investor Tim Spainhour conceded that the amenities weren't where the developer had hoped, but that they were never promised on a certain schedule.
They combine both measures of ex ante vulnerability (such as VEP and VEU) with ex post measures of vulnerability (such as VER).
Firstly, the acquisition by VEP of an initial 25 percent interest in Etinde, in return for funding a US $100 million gross work programme.
Hastaya bu klinik ve laboratuar sonuclari, kraniyal MR, SEP, VEP ve BAEP birlikte degerlendirildiginde MS'ye eslik eden AFS tanisi kondu ve asetil salisilik asit 100 mg/gun tedaviye eklendi.
In the geosciences and remote sensing section, topics examined include curvelet-based noise attenuation in prestack seismic data, a version-based modeling approach for spatio- temporal data, and application of the wavelet transform in single training sample extraction of VEP.