VEPAVietnam Environment Protection Agency
VEPAVirtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (network management)
VEPAVictorian Environment Protection Authority (Victoria, Australia)
VEPAVery-High Efficiency Particulate Air
VEPAVan Enschot Promotionele Artikelen (Dutch promotional products supplier)
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Like many other furniture manufacturers and designers across the world, Vepa is looking to leverage powder coating technology to gain a competitive advantage, since this technology has been shown to improve the operational efficiency of coating application, the total environmental impact of the manufacturing process, and the aesthetic qualities of the final product.
Vepa, "Finite state modeling of aeroelastic systems," Contractor Report CR 2779, NASA-National Aeronautics and Space Administration, 1977
Vepa, Swarna S, (2005): 'Feminisation of Agriculture and Marginalisation of Their Economic Stake', Economic and Political Weekly, June 18, 2005, pp, 2563-2568,
Integrated Virtual Ethernet Port Aggregator (VEPA) technology provides clear separation between server and network administrations to deliver operational simplicity.
Vepa Kamesam, Managing Director, Institute of Insurance and Risk Management and Mr.
The switches are also designed to support the IETF's TRILL specification for multipath and multihop Ethernet forwarding in the data centre, and the IEEE's VEPA specification for offloading switching from hypervisors to physical switches in the infrastructure, HP says.
VEPA enables physical switches to take on the role of virtual switches, and Extreme will expand its support to more vendors of NICs and servers.
Vepa teaches engineering at Queen Mary, University of London.
EoACA[pounds sterling]Emerging technologies like direct I/O and VEPA allow VM to VM switching to be implemented in hardware in the first physical switch, increasing performance and simplifying management.EoACA[yen]
* Biometric Robotics: Mechanisms and Control, by Ranjan Vepa. An initial course in robotics, ideal for the study of unmanned aerial or underwater vehicles.
Spreading economic distress in India's rural areas have a disproportionate impact on women for a wide variety of reasons, finds Vepa (Madras School of Economics, India) in this quantitative examination of the gender gap in welfare indicators over the past decade and a half.
Alli se encontraban uno de los fundadores de la asociacion de veterinarios Especialistas en Pequenos animales (VEPA), varios ex funcionarios del instituto Colombiano agropecuario, y ex funcionarios de Vecol y de otras instituciones de caracter internacional.