VEQVoice of English-speaking Quebec
VEQVisiting Enlisted Quarters
VEQVariation in Estimated Quantities (USACE)
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En los dos analisis de agrupacion, salieron juntos MIR y VEQ, ya que estan muy proximos uno del otro, y sus areas de influencia se traslapan, por ello, comparten caracteristicas del paisaje.
We did not find support for the hypothesis that stress management skills mediated the relationship between VEQ and bullying.
High school students who had bullied others in the past few months differed, in terms of VEQ as young adolescents, from students who did not report recent bullying experiences.
It could be equally true that those who bully do not tend to seek out community service activities that are high in VEQ, while those who are already more prosocial probably would seek them out.
Increased perceived VEQ does relate to decreased bullying behavior indirectly through enhanced interpersonal skills.
The current findings necessitate caution in community service programming because the perceived VEQ does make a difference.
As increased VEQ appears to mitigate the bully response, there is reason to believe it can only serve to promote adolescent development, in general.
The current findings impact all of these institutions by demonstrating a connection between the perception of VEQ and later behavior.