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VERDICTVeterans Evidence-Based Research, Dissemination, and Implementation Center (San Antonio, TX)
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So the Snark found the verdict, although, as it owned, It was spent with the toils of the day: When it said the word "GUILTY
If you think it is a case of accidental death, you will find a verdict accordingly.
If the people did not hear Zat Arras' charge, they certainly did hear the verdict of the tribunal.
As the thirty-one judges sprang to their feet with drawn and upraised swords in unanimous concurrence in the verdict, the storm broke throughout the length and breadth and height of that mighty building until I thought the roof would fall from the thunder of the mad shouting.
private verdict against him among themselves, and afterwards
It is idle to dispute the general positions of criticism, and there is no useful gainsaying its judgment that French literature is a major literature and Italian a minor literature in this century; but whether this verdict will stand for all time, there may be a reasonable doubt.
I hoped that when David was able to talk--and not merely to stare at me for five minutes and then say "hat"--his spoken verdict, however damning, would be less expressive than his verdict without words, but I was disillusioned.
After several hours of doubt, the final verdict had at last been pronounced.
The most playful-minded dog, without being silly, I ever saw," was Dag Daughtry's verdict to the Shortlands planter, to whom he had just sold one of his turtle-shell combs.
The verdict of the coroner's jury was that he "came to his death by a visitation of God.
Your duty has been already explained to you; if there is nothing you wish to ask you may go outside and consider your verdict.
Reason as I might, and plead as I might, he still persisted in referring me to the Scotch Verdict.