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Vergis and Dharmendra Rama have resigned as independent directors on the Company's Board.
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Eric Johnson, Michell Rodriguez, Nicole Curran, Jibu Vergis, and Becky Kelley, you guys are rock stars!
In-formal and formal, subjective and objective, summative and formative actions are conducted to evaluate the system of instructional design (Vergis and Hardy, 2010).
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Risk factors for VRE colonization and infection include; having an underlying co-morbid condition such as diabetes; renal failure or malignancy; prolonged length of hospital stay, particularly with receipt of broad-spectrum antibiotics such as cephalosporins and vancomycin; having an indwelling invasive device or an invasive procedure; and close proximity to another VRE-colonized or -infected patient (Vergis et al., 2001).
Vergis to its board of directors, effective 7 October 2015.