VERISVocabulary for Event Recording and Incident Sharing (computer security language metrics)
VERISVirginia Election and Registration Information System
VERISVolunteer Emergency Recovery Information System (Australia)
VERISVisual-Evoked Response Imaging System
VERISVitamin E Research and Information Service (LaGrange, IL)
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veris extracts, quercetin, quercetin-3-O-rutinoside, quercetin-3-O-gentiobioside, quercetin-trihexoside, kaempferol, kaempferol-3-O-diglucoside-7-O-glucoside, kaempferol-3-rutinoside, kaempferol-3-O-galactoside-rhamnoside-7-O-rhamnoside, luteolin, isorhamnetin, isorhamnetin-3-O-glucoside, isorhamnetin-3-O-rutinoside, limocitrin-3-O-glucoside, limocitrin-3-O-rutinoside, apigenin, catechin, epicatechin, and epigallocatechin, as well as some methoxylated flavones, have been identified using LC-MS and HPLC techniques [16-18, 23, 24].
Veris Wealth Partners, LLC is a partner-owned, independent wealth management firm that specializes in impact and sustainable investing.
Envestnet is working with Veris and impact research firm Sustainalytics to create impact filters advisors can use in their research, Tagel said, which should be launched in fall of 2016.
Veris Group, LLC, headquartered in Vienna, VA, is an industry-leading, award-winning company providing a full spectrum of cybersecurity services to many of the world's largest commercial and government organizations.
Varady had been complaining about feeling sick while working at Veris Gold's carbon-in-leach circuit or CIL.
Veris added 12 employees this spring following a merger.
14 November 2014 - US cancer diagnostics maker Beckman Coulter Diagnostics and South Korean molecular diagnostic tests developer Seegene Inc (KOSDAQ:096530) reported Thursday that they had signed a Molecular Diagnostic assay supply agreement under which Seegene will begin manufacturing reagents designed exclusively for the VERIS MDx System, Beckman Coulter's new sample-to-answer Molecular Diagnostics instrument.
The buyer, which did not disclose the purchase price, added that Veris designes and makes flow measurement instruments.
Table 1 shows the statistical parameters for the apparent electrical conductivity ([EC.sub.a]) measured with EM38-DD and soil resistance to penetration (PR) and electrical conductivity ([EC.sub.veris]) measured with penetrometer Veris P3000 (Table 4).