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VERLVerlag (German: publisher)
VERLVitelline Envelope Receptor for Lysin (genetics)
VERLVacuum Evaporation on Running Liquid (chemistry)
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The city of Verl is prepared to pay the selected operator an aid to close the profitability gap in order to supply the expansion areas with bandwidths of at least 100 Mbit / s downstream and 100 Mbit / s upstream for 100% of the undersupplied connections in the previously underserved locations (see Annexes) ,
However, comparison of the structures conclusively demonstrates that ZP2 and VERL repeats share a common 3D architecture", says Luca Jovine, Professor of Structural Biology at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition and the Center for Innovative Medicine at Karolinska Institutet.
VERL is a large molecule (~1 million Da) containing 22 repeat regions of about 153 amino acids (Galindo et al.
7) See, for example, Sara Dickinson, "Russia's First 'Orient': Characterizing Crimea in 1787," in Orientalism and Empire in Russia, 85-106; Kerstin Jobst, Die Perle des Imperiums: Der russische Krimdiskurs im Zarenreich (Konstanz: UVK Verl.
Verl Emrick, an ecologist at the Institute, can be contacted at vemrick@vt.
Upon binding to lysin, the fibrous VERL molecules lose cohesion and are splayed apart, creating a hole for sperm passage (Vacquier et al.
SC Verl captain Patrick Neumann was allegedly offered around pounds 5,000 in cash to help Verl lose a regional game to Moenchengladbach's second string.
Petri, Helmut 1954 Sterbende Welt in Nordwest Australien, Limbach Verl, Braunschweig.
Das Problem der Personlichkeit und Ubermenschen (= PP), Verl.
In field trials, Verl equaled or surpassed standards set by a highly productive gamagrass called "Pete," released in 1988.
Heiligenverehrung--ihr Sitz im Leben des Glaubens und ihre Ak tualitat im okumenischen Gesprach, Verl.
Verl Cranmer, Patricia Wallace, Monitor Cooperative Telephone Co.