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VERLVerlag (German: publisher)
VERLVitelline Envelope Receptor for Lysin (genetics)
VERLVacuum Evaporation on Running Liquid (chemistry)
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His side actually won 4-3 but doubts were raised after Verl threw away a three-goal lead then lost their next clash thanks to a dubious own goal.
Petri, Helmut 1954 Sterbende Welt in Nordwest Australien, Limbach Verl, Braunschweig.
In field trials, Verl equaled or surpassed standards set by a highly productive gamagrass called "Pete," released in 1988.
Verl Zanders 91 85 ShopRite of West Haven Samuel O.
Verl Cranmer, Patricia Wallace, Monitor Cooperative Telephone Co.
hozzle creates a very precise cut, turning what normally would be excess, wasted material into salvageable, reusable material, enhancing our overall fabrication process," explains Verl Hoover, Midwest's senior operator.
In 1990, the acquisition of a manufacturing plant in Verl, Germany, expanded the operation further.
The unusually large number [of persons attending] weekday [prayer] services is due to about 800 Jewish women Displaced Persons in the villages of Kaunits and Verl in Westphalia.
The committee, chaired by Verl Anders of Iowa State Extension, is holding their first formal meeting to determine industry acceptance and the future direction for the committee.
8) Dietrich Ritschl, Vom Leben in der Kirche: Der Tageslauf der evangelischen Gemeinde, Neukirchen, Verl.