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I hope we're still friends after I taser you,' she quipped, referring to Veronica's weapon.
Both the Nico and Veronica feature polarized lenses, and each of them will ship with a new black soft case.
This will provide parishioners with an opportunity to give thanks for all the years at St Veronica's.
Hours later, the snake was still in the plug- hole and Veronica decided to call a local pet rescue service in the hope they could help.
'I had not met Veronica's family before this tragedy hit us, but since then I've come to appreciate their strong faith in God.
Rob Thomas, the creator of Veronica Mars , said on Twitter: "I'm heartbroken to hear of Brad Bufanda's passing.
Veronica attends a religious (presumably Catholic) school that is composed primarily of girls.
Veronica remained estranged from her children, George, Frances and Camilla, and sisters right up to her death at her home in central London this week.
It's easy to understand why she feels that way as Veronica - whose identical twin Alice got seven A*s and three As - is more familiar with hospital wards than classrooms.
Veronica, 67, was fed up chasing deals website GoGroopie, where she had spotted the PS29.99 offer.