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VERTEXVirtual Environments
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A graph G is said to be a vertex equitable if it admits vertex equitable labeling.
Vertex Holdings and B&S LP are controlled by Vertex Energy's chairman and CEO Benjamin Cowart, who also holds 77% in Vertex Holdings and 100% in B&S LP.
5] will collapse an edge to a vertex which is not a graph folding on [K.
k]) such that x and y have the same colour, say colour 1, then at most one vertex a [member of] V([D.
A vertex of an element is called a hanging node if it lies in the interior of an edge or face of another element.
Through this partnership with Vertex, a leader in the discovery and development of HCV protease inhibitors, we hope to accelerate the advancement of novel therapeutics for hepatitis C infection, and we are pleased to add VX-950 to our pipeline of innovative drugs in development.
The following theorem proved in [5], establishes lower and upper bound for the total vertex irregularity strength of a (p, q)-graph.
The buyer views the deal as a critical step in its growth strategy, giving it scale and eliminating the related third party transactions with Vertex Holdings, board member David Phillips said.
I have determined an exact value of the total vertex irregularity strength of some convex polytope graphs with pendant edges.