VERTOLVertical Takeoff & Landing
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The company holds a Type and Production certificate for the Columbia Model 107-II Vertol and 234 Chinook, and a Type certificate for the Columbia Model CH-47D Chinook.
Despite the research done since the first automated systems made their way into aircraft about the time the Vertol 107 first flew, human factors issues continue to present themselves.
Other domestic manufacturers like G.E., Rohr, and Boeing Vertol, which could supply the advanced skills and systems-integration capacity lacking in Budd, were diverted by several factors: a hollowing out globalization strategy that did not champion a stronger domestic rail industrial policy (G.E.); defense specialization (Rohr and Boeing Vertol), and the lure of the superior profits of the defense market.
(2529) In Vertol Systems Co., Vertol protested the U.S.
* the V-22 Osprey (Boeing Vertol and the Bell Helicopter Division of Textron, $1.2 billion);
Boeing's Vertol division near Philadelphia, for instance, built and flew a tiltrotor design as early as 1952 but didn't move the tiltrotor into more advanced stages of development.
The company owns, operates and maintains a fleet of Columbia Model 107-II Vertol, Columbia Model 234 Chinook, and Columbia Model CH-47D Chinook helicopters.
Columbia Helicopters owns, operates and maintains the largest private fleet of commercial heavy-lift helicopters in the world which includes the Columbia Model 107-11 Vertol, Columbia Model 234 Chinook and Columbia Model CH-47D Chinook.
The French Army installed light machine guns and rocket pods on some Vertol H-21s ('La Banane ) and on the turbine-engined Sud- Est Alouette II, some examples of which were armed with Nord SS.10/11 guided missiles.
Gusting winds continued into Tuesday, but firefighting officials occasionally sent in their two heaviest helicopters, the Chinook and the Vertol 107, incident spokeswoman Alexis West said.
2 1.3 APOCYNACEAE Aspidosperma spuceanum 1 0.6 Stemmadenia donnell-smithii (Rose) Wood- 1 0.6 son BIGNONIACEAE Tabebuia rosea (Vertol.) DC.
In this study helicopter logging using a Boeing Vertol 107 in an approximately 70-year-old stand in West Virginia was examined.