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VERTREPVertical Replenishment
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Neagle said they used the canceled VERTREP to highlight the wind problem and get the ship's leadership behind fixing it.
"Our sister communities focus on one specific mission, like the HSC [helicopter sea combat] community really focuses on VERTREP; the jet guys do attack and reconnaissance; and the HS [helicopter antisubmarine] guys do carrier operations and sea search and rescues," said Lt.
The pilot quickly punched the sling-drop button to release the VERTREP load.
The helicopters can be used for vertrep, while the ship can offload up to 1660 tonnes of aviation fuel or 6820 tonnes of diesel.
If they're getting cargo, the message will also tell us whether we're going to use CONREP (connected replenishment) or VERTREP (vertical replenishment using helicopters).
It was mid-afternoon when we worked to get the flight deck ready for a RAS and VERTREP scheduled for the next day.
brief for a five-hour vertical replenishment (VERTREP) flight about seven months into a nine-month deployment.
The weariness of the 0330 wake-up had dissipated with the sun, the excitement of being airborne, and the anticipation of commencing a vertical replenishment (VERTREP) with USS John C.
This is where all cargo and ordnance (pallet counts), fuel and water quantities, retrograde, method of delivery (CONREP or VERTREP), and commodity sequence are finalized to ensure smooth execution on the day of the event.