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VERTREPVertical Replenishment
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Steven Harrison, president or AAR Airlift Group, said, "AAR Airlift is proud to have delivered excellent service in support of the VERTREP mission for nearly 10 years.
This "ace" pilot failed to complete the Hoist/HIFR/ VERTREP checklist the second time after completing the first evolution: hoisting.
Green deck for VERTREP," acknowledged the Stennis helicopter control officer, spurring the pair of helicopters into action.
The H-46D continued to demonstrate its versatility, flying every mission from VERTREP and cargo moves at sea, to enemy prisoner-of-war operations and medevacs in Iraq and Kuwait, to special warfare extractions in Liberia.
A VERTREP consists of transporting food, parts and people via helicopter.
Since 2007, R has been carrying out commercial VERTREP services such as ship-to-shore replenishment, ship-to-ship underway replenishment, search and rescue, and support for humanitarian aid operations for MSC.
On this date, a Puma performed its first VERTREP when it rendezvoused with the T-AFS ship Sirius off the coast of Italy.
VERTREP is the aerial supply of seaborne vessels performed by helicopter.
A VERTREP is normally the transfer of cargo between ships using helicopters but, in this case, the replenishment at sea (RAS) by USNS San Jose (T-AFS 7) was unable to be performed as scheduled because the combat stores ship suffered a major casualty which kept them pier side.
April 18 was the last fly-day of JTFEX for our det and consisted of vertreps between NAS North Island (NASNI) and Bridge, and several pax runs from Reagan.
Our ship was doing conreps and vertreps to the big deck, as well as to other ships in the strike group.
The statement in the MH-60S NATOPS about night vertreps should be taken quite literally, especially when more than one aircraft is involved.