VERTREPSVertical Replenishments (US Navy)
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Also, the flight deck on Comfort is situated well forward on the ship, making the vertrep more difficult than having the typical crossdeck configuration.
Camden will steam to the southern AOR, meet with USNS supply ships at night, and transfer stores via conrep and vertrep to our ship.
The statement in the MH-60S NATOPS about night vertreps should be taken quite literally, especially when more than one aircraft is involved.
At first glance, the tasking appeared to be a routine vertrep (vertical replenishment): take a large number of weapons to the carrier and return an even larger amount of support gear back to Rainier.
The supply ship had supplies to vertrep to all four ships in the battle group, and I was on the schedule to fly that day.
We needed a few minutes to regain our composure and to figure out exactly what had happened before we continued with the vertrep. Once we had sorted out everything, we went in for the next pick.
After several delays, the pinky-time vertrep soon changed to an all-night effort.
We had completed two hours of DLQs and vertreps and had stopped to refuel.
Besides getting our deck-landing quals, we needed vertrep qualification.
We had had a few large vertrep hits on the transit out, and, once we got to the AOR, we weren't disappointed; the hits kept coming.
With this tempo, our training flight time was limited to shooting instrument approaches and FAM-SAR scenarios during lulls in the vertrep action.
There was no horizon, and our task was a long vertrep with the carrier.