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VESVisual Effects Society
VESVertical Electric(al) Sounding(s)
VESVoluntary Euthanasia Society
VESVideo Entertainment System
VESVirtual Execution System (computer programming)
VESVineland Elementary School (Florida)
VESVideo Editing Software (various companies)
VESVirginia Episcopal School (Lynchburg, VA)
VESVeolia Environmental Services (Veolia Environnement)
VESVitamin E Succinate
VESVariable Exhaust System (Polaris snowmobiles)
VESVideo Encoding Standard
VESVideo Editing Software
VESVirtual Engine Suite
VESVirtual Environments
VESVirtual Enhanced Surround
VESVehicle Evaluation System
VESVirtual Execution System
VESVideo Editing System
VESVapor Extraction System
VESVesicular Exanthema of Swine
VESVariable Effort Steering (automotive)
VESValidation des Etudes Supérieures (French: Validation of Graduate Studies; degree initiative; France)
VESVentrikuläre Extrasystole (German: Ventricular Extrasystole; cardiology)
VESVeterinary Emergency Service (various locations)
VESVisual Encounter Survey (amphibians)
VESViolation Enforcement System (toll collection)
VESVanuatu Espiritu Santo (island)
VESVelocità di Eritrosedimentazione (Italian: red blood cells sedimentation rate)
VESVirtual Education Space (Massachusetts Department of Education)
VESVacuum Exhaust System (US NASA)
VESVideo Enforcement System (electronic toll collection)
VESVent, Enter, and Search (fire rescue technique)
VESVichy Elementary School (California)
VESVentilation, Entry and Search (fire rescue strategy)
VESVehicle Effectiveness and Safety
VESVehicle Emission Standard (automotive regulation)
VESVillage Extension Scheme (Sudan)
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The most common for VES is the Wenner installation, which is a four-electrode symmetrical system (Fig.
The San Diego VES is sponsored by National Timeshare Owners Association, Timesharing Today, First American Title, Grand Pacific Resorts, BuyATimeshare.
The resistivity survey line has a length of 60m with 4 VES points and one borehole.
However, VES points 1, 2 and 5 having [ohm]H curve types were clayey aquifers (aquitard) which would have poor groundwater yield.
Speaking of VES induction, Peter Felix, President of AESC said "We are delighted to welcome Vision Executive Search into AESC Membership.
Eric Roth, VES executive director, announced the top 50 results of the poll of its members.
Eric Roth, VES executive director, said: "These films have had a significant, lasting impact on the practice and appreciation of visual effects as an integral, artistic element of cinematic expression and the storytelling process.
For instance, ten VES measurements were carried out along the Qua lboe River Estuary (Mbipom and Archibong, 1989).
The biochemical agent may directly attack the VES itself, or some other component in the fluid that produces a by-product that then causes viscosity reduction.
Irwin fell foul of the GMC and VES when he travelled to the Isle of Man to help a friend commit suicide.
VES has been fined $14,635 following a CARB investigation that found the company, on 76 occasions, failed to properly self-inspect its diesel trucks to assure compliance with state smoke emissions standards.
Last night, the VES released results of a survey that claimed 47% of people would be ready to break the law to help loved ones die, if euthanasia is not legalised here.