VESIDVocational and Educational Services for Individuals with Disabilities (New York)
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Over the month or so that it took to get the VESID meeting set up, I got to know a lot about Stan.
VESID was helpful, but Stan needed to get enrolled in Medicaid.
We have all of our eggs in one basket with VESID, and that's a little scary," she says.
Lee is a VESID funded private Healthcare Consultant He can be reached at (518) 641-9224.
VESID assists those with disabilities in becoming more productive members of society.
Satish Sanan, president USA and Asia Pacific for CGI: "We are very happy to be collaborating with VESID on this most worthy project and pleased that our team of developers could provide innovative ways of defining the business architecture, the backbone of VESID's operations.
VESID oversees special education services for students, ages 3-21, in public and private schools and the vocational rehabilitation services for individuals, beginning at age 16 through adulthood.
One hundred percent consumer satisfaction rate with VESID services, processes, outcomes, and interactions with VESID staff.
One hundred percent employer satisfaction rate with VESID and regional job development, placement, and support services.
The Problem: Since 1986, DOH has worked with VESID on a number of issues, but vocational rehabilitation has not been a primary focus on HISCC.
eSchool uses ACTV's patented HyperTV(R) convergence software to integrate streamed video, the automatic delivery of relevant web content, online collaboration and embedded assessment to provide a web-based software environment that will allow for the scaleable delivery of professional development and training content to VESID employees statewide.
The present paper has summarized a study of employers conducted by the YAI and New York State VESID on the attitudes of employers doing business in New York State regarding the competitive employment of persons with severe handicaps.