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VESPVesper Sparrow (bird species Pooecetes gramineus)
VESPVoice Enhanced Service Provider
VESPVideo Enhanced Service Provider
VESPVivekanand Education Society Polytechnic (Mumbai, India)
VESPViva Espana Spanish Property
VESPVisually Evoked Scalp Potential
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VESP is advanced call center software which integrates voice and data and manages workflow across multiple platforms including PBXs, ACDs, VRUs and desktop and host computers.
Test Interface: Provides an off-the-shelf interface to testing tools that allow VESP and call center equipment to be tested in an operational environment.
As more companies select VESP as their CTI customer-contact solution, these offices will enable us to respond to their needs quickly and efficiently," Davis said.
The combined power of Nabnasset's VESP software with Lucent's leading call center will allow organizations to enhance vastly the quality of customer service they are able to provide.
As part of this commitment, Nabnasset announced a partnership with Hammer Technologies last month to incorporate Hammer's preconfigured testing tools into VESP, enabling users to detect call center equipment failures or performance problems automatically.
0 of its flagship product, VESP (Voice Enhanced Services Platform).
The OLE Automation Server is bundled with the VESP desktop application environment, and provides customers with a standard platform for building applications.
The new CTI integration features provide Generations with the ability to interface with a number of switches and Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) centers manufactured by different switch vendors including Hewlett-Packard TCM/CCM, Nabnasset VESP, and others.
The CIGNA call center uses VESP software from Nabnasset to map the customer request when the call comes in.
Richard Hamm, a Director in the Human Resources Advisory Practice at Coopers & Lybrand, said, "Coopers selected VESP (Voice Enhanced Services Platform) from Nabnasset because we knew we needed an enabling CTI technology that would work with our existing systems and expand our capabilities in a client/server environment.
NCR has chosen VESP software, developed by Nabnasset, as a key component of the NCR Call Center Solutions Program.