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VESPERVenus Sounder for Planetary Explorer (NASA)
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Then when he saw the slanting sunlight lying on field and fallow, shining redly here and there on cot and farmhouse, and when he heard the sweet birds singing their vespers, and the sheep bleating upon the hillside, and beheld the swallows flying in the bright air, there came a great fullness to his heart so that all things blurred to his sight through salt tears, and he bowed his head lest the folk should think him unmanly when they saw the tears in his eyes.
Despite the doctor's orders that she should not go out early in the morning, Natasha insisted on fasting and preparing for the sacrament, not as they generally prepared for it in the Rostov family by attending three services in their own house, but as Agrafena Ivanovna did, by going to church every day for a week and not once missing Vespers, Matins, or Mass.
The robins were singing vespers in the high treetops, filling the golden air with their jubilant voices.
Again crowding together they all made their way by the narrow passages back into the little church, and there, though abbreviating it slightly, Father Sergius completed vespers.
Yet the fishers and the peasants raised their heads and looked questions at each other, for the angelus had already gone and vespers was still far off.
Item, that between nones and vespers on the feast of James the Less the said brother John was observed upon the Brockenhurst road, near the spot which is known as Hatchett's Pond in converse with a person of the other sex, being a maiden of the name of Mary Sowley, the daughter of the King's verderer.
He was sitting at vespers on the Capitoline Hill in Rome, the center of ancient Roman greatness, and the barefooted Catholic friars were singing the service of the hour in the shabby church which has long since supplanted the Roman Capitol.
Regularly at half-past seven, in one part of the summer, after the evening train had gone by, the whip-poor-wills chanted their vespers for half an hour, sitting on a stump by my door, or upon the ridge-pole of the house.
They're singing for vespers, and how carefully that merchant crosses himself
Similar to Vesper's recent acquisitions of University Courtyard and University Fountains in Lubbock, Vesper purchased University Plains from a group of Tenant in Common owners.
CEO, Vesper Marine, Jeff Robbins, said : "Our used free app brings Instant Target Acquisition and advanced remote control and configuration of our WiFi AIS transponders to Android users, Leveraging the unparalleled features of our industry-leading XB-8000 and WatchMate Vision the app makes it even easier to access the GPS, AIS and navigation data we make available over WiFi, while delivering an innovative graphical display of crossing situations that further enhances safety at sea.
Trickett's so-called 'second version' or 'second oral tradition' is the one that Ron Heron related that he had heard from his father who heard it from Alexander Vesper.