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VESSVirtual Environment Software Sandbox (virtual reality research)
VESSVoluntary Euthanasia Society of Scotland
VESSVanadium Energy Storage System
VESSVehicle Exhaust Smoke System
VESSVideo Endoscopic Swallow Studies
VESSVascular Endothelial Surface Score
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Before, automation was a convenience, but now there has to be a business case for it," Vess explains.
The prevalence of AESs and VESs among the critical care nurses suffering from burnout and anxiety may be studied in the future studies.
A review of the legislation underpinning these registries by Vess and colleagues (2011) (2) concluded that while the different schemes share many features, there are nonetheless jurisdictional differences in how they function.
One is known as the Vess where dancers dance in a vigorous and rhythmic fashion.
Vess (Samford University), 86, taught history at Samford for four decades and headed the department for 15 years.
The Vess branded cigarettes were produced in China.
Vess, director of training and technical assistance for Men Can Stop Rape, said he gets mixed reactions when he first introduces the program to students.
Bridesmaids were Lesley Adams Berry; Sarah Kirby Boydstun; Elizabeth Claxton Castillo, sister of the groom; Shay Netterville-Gay; Ree Vess Hagemann; Tracy Ann Hinton, sister of the bride; Tana Laine Poole; Lauren Griff Strickland; and Susan Lockart Ulsamer.
Case conceptualization also offers the opportunity for integrating risk assessment information into treatment (see Vess, Ward, and Collie, 2008; Collie, Ward, & Vess, 2008 ).
Pasternack SM, von Kugelgen I, Aboud KA, Lee YA, Rusehendorf F, Vess K, et al.
Based upon their clinical observations, Murphy and Vess (2003) maintain there are the "superior, self-absorbed and belittling narcissistic psychopath, the needy, labile, and impulsive borderline psychopath, the deliberately cruel sadistic psychopath who is attuned to the suffering of others, and the remorselessly criminal antisocial psychopath who is not.
The illustrations of Charles Vess are arresting and often disturbing, not least the image of the twelve months exchanging tales round a fire.