VETCOMUS Army Veterinary Command
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In 2008, VETCOM undertook the consolidation of all VTF funding under one central NAF fund, the Veterinary Service Central Fund.
In 2005, the VETCOM Commander proposed development of a clinical credentialing program to assure that all Veterinary Corps officers assigned within VETCOM meet a set standard of clinical skills.
As a result, clinical credentialing is now a VETCOM policy which mandates that credentialing be conducted within 120 days of arrival of a new Veterinary Corps officer or GS veterinarian.
In 2006, the VETCOM Commander directed the formation of the VETCOM Veterinary Medical Standardization Board (VMSB), modeled after medical standardization boards from some of the most successful health maintenance organizations and medical institutes across the country.
Following the OTSG/VETCOM tour of the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in May 2010, there was discussion initiated by WRAMC on whether or not to move forward with development of an Army-wide MEDCOM dog policy, or direct efforts towards the revision of DoD TB MED 4, (1) lead by VETCOM.
A list of food preparation facilities, caterers, hotel restaurants, and/or other facilities must be provided to the appropriate VETCOM headquarters in theater by the unit conducting the exercise.