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VETRONICSVehicle Electronics
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The vetronic architecture has been developed around adaptability.
This research service is an overview of program funding and contract activity for the DoD vetronics activities.
As stated by the French Delegation Generale pour l'Armement the VBMR will be developed by a team that includes Nexter, Renault Trucks Defense (RTD) and Thales, respectively responsible for the armour, the automotive-vehicle architecture, and the vetronics.
Due to its modular design the FOSS portfolio can be used in a completely passive mode or enhanced to include active elements such as monitors and combat vehicle s internal vetronics network.
Mechanical ventilation was started immediately after intubation with a pressure-cycled respirator (SA VO3, Vetronics Services, Devon, United Kingdom) set to a maximum pressure of 12 cm [H.
Automatic Test Equipment; Design/Engineering Services; Electronics; Information Technology; Security Devices/Services; Software; Systems Engineering; Vetronics
This Frost & Sullivan research service titled Vetronics - Vehicle Electronic Systems offers insights into the development of innovative vehicle electronic systems as well as details on adoption factors.
Development of the onboard power management system, vetronics control along with distribution module, drivers display software and diagnostic and system health software for the PIM program will be carried out in Endicott through BAE Systems HybriDrive Solutions unit.
During the surgical procedure, ventilation was assisted by the use of a pressure-limited mechanical ventilator (VT-5000, BAS Vetronics, Bioanalytical Systems Inc, West Lafayette, IN, USA); adjustments were made to maintain an end-tidal C[O.