VEVVacuum Expectation Value (physics)
VEVVietnam-Era Veteran
VEVVlaams Economisch Verbond (Flemish)
VEVVerkeer En Vervoer (Nederlandse Organisatie voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek)
VEVVirtual Encrypted Volumes (software)
VEVVereniging Elektrotechnisch Vakonderwijs (Dutch: Electrical Design Education Association; Netherlands)
VEVVersion Event Viewer (Oracle Corporation)
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where the standard Higgs VEV and the portal quartic coupling [[lambda].sub.[phi][xi]] contribute directly to the cross section in the lowest order.
This is the case, for example, in models where the typical mass of scalar particles is by several orders of magnitude decoupled from the electroweak vev (see, e.g., [137-139]), and one does not expect to infer strict relations between the mechanism of SUSY-breaking and EWSB.
Following the same procedure as in (5), we can expand around the Higgs VEV to find the expression for [[kappa].sub.F], defined by yv/[m.sub.F].
Otherwise, we can break the messenger parity a little bit by turning on tiny VEVs for XL and/or [XL.sup.c].
Specifying to the "Higgs basis" [23], in which only one doublet gets a nonzero VEV, we can write the most general Lagrangian of Yukawa couplings between the two Higgs doublets, [[PHI].sub.1] and [[PHI].sub.2], and quarks as [24, 25]
However, as in the fine-tuning of Dirac neutrino mass in the type I seesaw case in LR models, the induced VEV needed for type II seesaw can also be fine-tuned using more than one electroweak bidoublets reducing the triplet mass to lower scales accessible to accelerator tests.
The VEV [[SIGMA].sub.0] also breaks the gauged subgroup [[SU(2) xU(1)].sup.2] of SU(5) down to the diagonal SM electroweak symmetry SU[(2).sub.L] x U[(1).sub.Y].
In the unitary gauge, we expand around the VEV as H = (0, [v.sub.EW] + h)/[square root of (2)], where in our convention [v.sub.EW] [approximately equal to] 246 GeV.
The SM electroweak symmetry breaking (EWSB) in the left-right model, in general, is achieved by the neutral (diagonal) component of the bidoublet field [phi](2,2,0,1) acquiring a VEV. The fermion content of the model is the same as the SM.
In [112], to generate masses for neutrinos, we have introduced one SU[(3).sub.L] antisextet lying in [] under [S.sub.4] and one SU[(3).sub.L] antisextet lying in [] under [S.sub.4] with the VEV of s being set as (<[s.sub.1]>, 0, 0) under [S.sub.4].
where v is the vev of the standard model Higgs, [M.sub.T] is the mass of the scalar triplet [DELTA], [y.sub.v] is the coupling of the neutrino with the scalar triplet, and [[mu].sub.T] is the coupling (with mass dimension) of the trilinear term between the standard model Higgs boson and the scalar triplet [H.sup.T][DELTA]H.
The then 17-year-old Phan Panharith, also known as Vev, had been wanted in connection with the robbery and homicide of a boy which occurred in Takeo province two weeks earlier.