VEWAAVocational Evaluation and Work Adjustment Association
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VEWAA Glossary of terminology for vocational assessment, evaluation, and work adjustment.
(Available from VEWAA c/o The National Rehabilitation Association, 633 South Washington Street, Alexandria, VA 22314-4109)
(For a list of the universities which provide training, write to: VEWAA, National Rehabilitation Association, 1910 Association Drive, Reston, VA 22091 .)
The VEWAA Task Force on Work Adjustment has recommended that the definition of work adjustment be rewritten, in part, to reflect its role in assisting "individuals in understanding the meaning, value, and demands of work" (Elston, 1997, p.
VEWAA online and other world wide web resources for practitioners.
Davis (1986) wrote that "VEWAA opted to adopt as its symbol the one which had been used by the AAWE with the exception of using the name `Hephaestus,' from the Greek mythology rather than the name `Vulcan,' from the Roman mythology as had been previously used.
The organization dictated its purpose as shown in its ByLaws, "The purpose of the Association is to improve and advance the field of vocational evaluation and work adjustment training in accordance with the Association's charter." This is further enlarged upon in the VEWAA's Operations and Procedures Manual which urges members to increase the opportunities for persons with disabilities for rehabilitation by the use of simulated and/or real work.
It is sufficient to remind the reader that the VEWAA organization is not unlike other organizations within the NRA umbrella as regards its structure and operating procedure.
These chapters are grouped into eight regions each with a representative to the VEWAA Board.
The state chapters are the backbone of the VEWAA organization.
No less of importance is the VEWAA Newsletter which is the manner in which timely news of the organization is distributed to its members.
The VEWAA Forum is a nationally recognized meeting of professionals for the purpose of disseminating current trends, ideas, and philosophies in the area of vocational evaluation and work adjustment.