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VEXEVirtual Executable
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It vexes me to hear people talk so glibly of "feeling," "expression," "tone," and those other easily acquired and inexpensive technicalities of art that make such a fine show in conversations concerning pictures.
Besides, you have got a wrong notion in your head as usual, Dodo--I can see that: it vexes me."
If there is any one thing that vexes me in these losses more than the losses themselves, I do protest and declare,' said Mrs Nickleby, rubbing her nose with an impassioned air, 'that it is to have people about me who take things with such provoking calmness.'
But, then, there is one face I am always trying to paint or to sketch, and always without success; and that vexes me.
'Vexes it, you know.' Then he went up and gave the door a kick with one of his great feet.
But now Dinah began to tell of the joys that were in store for the penitent, and to describe in her simple way the divine peace and love with which the soul of the believer is filled--how the sense of God's love turns poverty into riches and satisfies the soul so that no uneasy desire vexes it, no fear alarms it: how, at last, the very temptation to sin is extinguished, and heaven is begun upon earth, because no cloud passes between the soul and God, who is its eternal sun.
448-457) Mark, when you hear the voice of the crane (17) who cries year by year from the clouds above, for she give the signal for ploughing and shows the season of rainy winter; but she vexes the heart of the man who has no oxen.
It vexes me that a man like that should take a wrong turn and gradually go to the bad, become a bandit, and die on the gallows.
But Alas Thay ment To vexe, Torment, To Torture, and to kill This Harmeles Innocent; whose Sacred Breath Thay yeelded upp to an opprobrious Death
Tawadros II absent Bien qu'il ait declare pouvoir presider lui-meme la messe, l'absence surprenante du pape Tawadros II, pape d'Alexandrie et patriarche de la cathedrale de Saint-Marc lors des funerailles a vexe les parents des victimes.
The issue which vexes American politicians the most however is the trade deficit that it persistently has with China and is at the heart of the jibes and accusations of stealing intellectual property and unfair exchange rates.