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VFCVoltage to Frequency Converter
VFCVice Flotilla Commander
VFCFlotilla Vice Commander
VFCV.Fast Class (28.8 Kbps modem protocol)
VFCVOIP Feature Card (Cisco)
VFCVoice Frequency Channel
VFCVariable-Flow Cooling
VFCVirtual Factory Catalog (Intel)
VFCVariable Flow Chromatography
VFCValid Firearm Certificate (UK)
VFCVirtual Farm Creative, Inc (Phoenixville, PA)
VFCVoce Fuori Campo (Italian)
VFCFighter Squadron Composite (US Navy)
VFCVanity Fair Corp
VFCVortex Flow Control (aviation)
VFCVESA (Video Electronics Standards Association) Feature Connector
VFCVaccines for Children (program)
VFCVision Finance Company SA (Rwanda microfinance)
VFCVirtual File Cabinet
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Approximately 50% of children aged <19 years are eligible to receive vaccines through VFC (Immunization Services Division, National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, CDC, unpublished data, 2014).
In 2010, nearly 82 million VFC vaccine doses were administered to an estimated 40 million children at a cost to taxpayers of $3.
In a stock exchange filing, the company said that CIMB Investment had received approval to take a stake in Vinashin Shipbuilding Finance Company Securities Llc, or VFC Securities.
Any child who was on Medicaid or who was uninsured was eligible for VFC and was considered a public payer.
Neither state-appropriated funds nor funds from Section 317 (a discretionary program within the Public Health Service Act that covers individuals whose insurance doesn't cover vaccines or who are not eligible for VFC funds) has kept up with VFC's need-based funding, Dr.
Possible solutions to the problem of patchwork coverage could include enlisting the help of obgyns, and dermatologists, since they treat children and adolescents and could enroll their eligible younger patients in the VFC program, Ms.
Under the VFC program, individuals who could be liable for a fiduciary breach can avoid a DOL civil investigation or other DOL action with respect to that breach if all of the conditions for relief have been satisfied.
Simplified VFC Program: On April 6, 2005, the DOL issued proposals to expand and simplify the Voluntary Fiduciary Correction (VFC) Program, which permits ERISA fiduciaries to correct voluntarily certain prohibited and other transactions that constitute a breach (or potential breach) of fiduciary duties.
Without the deals VFC question where the money will come from not only to update the club's training facilities but also to strengthen the squad - something that O'Leary has said must happen if Villa are to challenge regularly for a place in Europe.
And all of the groups covered by the VFC program already are eligible for free vaccinations at public clinics.
that our standard VFC AFIX [Assessment, Feedback, Incentive, eXchange] visit is not going to work for these nontraditional providers.
73 times greater than for children living in universal-select states, while the odds of receiving three or more doses of PCV7 for children in the VFC and underinsured states (plus San Antonio) were 1.