VFCAVirginia Fire Chiefs Association, Inc. (Richmond, VA)
VFCAVolunteer Firefighters' Compensation Act (Montana)
VFCAVictoria Filipino-Canadian Association (Canada)
VFCAVictorian Fishing Charter Association (Australia)
VFCAVisual Fuzzy Cluster Analysis
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The CPR duration in the VFCA group was shorter than that in the ACA group (4.5 [+ or -] 1.1 min vs.
All animals enrolled in the evaluation of NDS ( n = 18 in the VFCA group, ACA group, respectively, n = 8 in the SHAM group) The NDS was significantly higher in the ACA group when compared with the VFCA group at 24 h after ROSC [ P < 0.01; [Figure 1]], verifying that animals in VFCA group had better neurological outcome.{Figure 1}
Serum NSE and S100[sz] significantly increased after ROSC in VFCA and ACA groups compared with SHAM [ P < 0.05 or P < 0.01; [Figure 2]].
Compared with SHAM, the SUVmax of the parietal lobe, frontal lobe, brain stem and cerebellum decreased in both VFCA and ACA groups at 24 h post-ROSC [ P < 0.01; [Figure 4]].
Animals in VFCA exhibited little intracellular damage at 24 h after ROSC [Figure 5].{Figure 5}
Here we present this study to characterize the features of postresuscitation cerebral metabolism of the both VFCA and ACA models.
In the VFCA group, VF was induced by a programmed electrical stimulation instrument (GY-600A; Kaifeng Huanan Instrument Co., Henan, China) with mode S1S2 (300/200 ms), 40 V, 8:1 proportion, and −10 ms step length.
Blood and urine samples were collected for the laboratory test at baseline, 6 h, 12 h, and 24 h (In the VFCA group, the ROSC time was recorded as 0 h).
The sham group and the VFCA group did not show significant difference in the animal profile (sex [10/12 vs.
In the VFCA group, 20 of 22 (90.91%) animals got ROSC and survived to 24 h.
Compared with the Sham group, HR increased significantly, while MAP and CO decreased significantly after ROSC in the VFCA group.
In the VFCA group, RI and cRI increased, and PI decreased significantly after ROSC.