VFCSVeterans for Common Sense (Washington, DC)
VFCSVienna Fortran Compilation System (computer programming)
VFCSVertical Flow Component System (portable unit)
VFCSVignaux Fabrice Creative Solutions (Belgium)
VFCSVessel File Cargo/Ballast Details (US Coast Guard)
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In JSFA, Monro and colleague Eva Martinet describe a second VFC--wheat bran equivalents for faecal bulk (WBEfb)--and show how an effective food product for bowel regularity could be designed from knowledge of the VFC content of its ingredients, but not from its dietary fibre content.
"Once they know how responsive they are to a certain level of a VFC in one food, they can use the information to predict how other foods will affect them".
VFCs 12 and 13 are joined by the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center (NSAWC) in filling this specialty.
As a result, turnaround cycles between deployments can be compressed, and VFCs 12 and 13 train the air wings prior to deployment primarily with the high-intensity SFARP.
The author is grateful to VFCs 12 and 13 for their support with this article.
The Fighting Omars of Fighter Squadron Composite (VFC) 12 and the Saints of VFC-13 are dedicated training units that are key players in sharpening the tip of the spear of Naval Aviation.
A rigorous in-house training program is maintained by both VFC units in order to teach their pilots to be experts in the field of adversary tactics simulation and training.
These requirements are also intended to decrease VFC program fraud, waste, and abuse.
Using CDC data, 45 VFC providers were selected from the five grantees with the highest volume of vaccines ordered in 2010.
* None of the five selected grantees interviewed met all 10 categories of VFC program oversight requirements, indicating grantee sites were not effective in ensuring that providers met vaccine management requirements over time.
The 45 providers represent about one-tenth of one percent of the entire VFC Program.
While these results apply only to the five grantees and 45 providers, and the OIG is careful to mention that the numbers should not be extrapolated out to the total population of 61 VFC grantees or approximately 44,000 providers, it doesn't take a giant leap of faith to assume the problem is systemic across the VFC program, or that the problem exists in equal measure across the pediatric healthcare spectrum as public and private providers are often one in the same.