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VFEVery Fast Forwarding Engine
VFEVoyageurs France Europe (railroad)
VFEVisual Form Editor
VFEVienna Far East (est. 1987; Thailand)
VFEVelocity, Flaps Extended (aviation)
VFEVirtual Franchise Expo (Romania)
VFEVisual Field Extent
VFEVirtual Fratton End (football chat room)
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Scores on academic variables: (a) SDQ-II (M, V and GS); (b) AGTQ (LG, SRG and PG), and; (c) SAS (MSA, MSE, MSEC, MFA, MFE, MFEC, VSA, VSE, VSEC, VFA, VFE and VFEC) were also included in the models as predictive factors.
Telecom Egypt, which owns 45 percent of VFE, has been increasing its interest in VFE since December 2003 when it bought an 8.6 percent ownership stake.
"By meeting the requirements of 'The Ready for DB2' program, Virtual Iron's VFe has proven that it can provide businesses with greater flexibility, management and availability for their DB2 environments."
The vibration flatwise MOE (VFE) was then calculated by the following equation [8]:
In 1976, flap-extension speed (Vfe) went from 96 to 120 knots and the fuel selector was changed to Cessna's left-right-both arrangement.
This, together with the low flap extension speed (Vfe of 114 knots), caused pilots grief in high-density areas and led to the airplane's reputation as a hot-handling, hard-toland performance machine, which it really is not.
The property was bought for a reported $1.1 million in July 2008 from VFE Inc., led by Rick Ferguson.
In this article, author Jeff Pardo states, "Then when it gets below VFE or VLE, you respectively can lower the flaps or landing gear, if so equipped.
Pipistrel hasn't taken the envelope in that direction yet and our guess is unless there's something quirky about the gear doors, the cert version may have higher speeds, including Vfe, which is also 108 knots.
You performed clearing turns, enriched the mixture and then, if you were planning to do "approach to landing" stalls, perhaps you reduced power along the way and added carburetor heat if needed, slowed to VFE, extended flaps if you had them, and then increased pitch attitude and simultaneously decreased power while maintaining a constant altitude.