VFFVolunteer Firefighter (various locations)
VFFValence Force Field
VFFVibram Five Fingers (shoes)
VFFVets for Freedom (est. 2005)
VFFVenice Film Festival (various locations)
VFFVietnam Fatherland Front
VFFVisual Fault Finder
VFFVirginia Film Festival
VFFVictorian Farmers Federation
VFFVolunteer Florida Foundation
VFFVietnam Football Federation
VFFVereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken (German: United Packing Factories)
VFFViborg Fodsports Forening (Danish soccer team)
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During the following weeks, weeks 2 and 3, they were instructed to run in the VFF for an additional 1-2 miles each week.
The employee, who had been working for VFF since 2008, said the NGO had been run "unprofessionally" and much like a family-run business instead of an cause-oriented organisation.
To reach this target, VFF provides the capability to simulate dynamic complex behaviour by using a new conceptual framework, designed to implement the next generation Virtual Factory, constantly synchronized with the Real Factory (Fig.
Through this agreement, JCBI considers building up the excitement of the Vietnamese national soccer team and to leverage JCB's presence by displaying a collaborative decal of JCB logo and VFF supporting partner logo at the soccer stadium hosted by VFF and at JCB merchants.
The Montgomerys bought the property along with an adjoining lot from VFF Inc.
Different types of materials identification Material S F2 F4 F6 S2 S4 S6 N2 N4 N6 Filler -- KISUMA 5AU MAGNIFIN H 10 MAGNIFIN H 10 company modified modified unmodified [%] VFF 0 20 40 60 20 40 60 20 40 60
VFF president Andrew Broad says that money should go towards the creation of better rail freight infrastructure.
69) The VFF Database is now available to the public, substantially increasing the number of fisheries oral histories available on the web, while improving accessibility through a single portal for marine-focused oral histories collected by multiple researchers.
The VFF said he had quit the team on Tuesday and was planning to leave the country.
In the conversations I have had with those who chose to volunteer at VFF, the cost of travelling for the purpose of volunteering was never raised.