VFFIVisayan Forum Foundation Inc (Philippines)
VFFIValley Fresh Foods, Inc. (Turlock, CA)
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The VFFI filed a motion to quash the search warrant for the raid on VFFI headquarters in Cubao in September and asked the court to order the NBI to return all the documents taken in the raid.
The NBI has recommended the prosecution of Oebanda and other VFFI officials in the Department of Justice after its investigation showed that around P200 million in donations funneled to the VFFI could not be accounted for.
The VFFI provides education, shelter and psychological help to victims of trafficking.
Angeles said the NBI probe established that the order to manufacture the fake receipts came from the VFFI president.
Vicente Abadesco, regional coordinator of VFFI in the Visayas, said the allegation would not affect their other funding sources in Europe like in London and Germany.
Oebanda said that since 1991 when the VFFI was founded, the group had reached out to "at least 70,000 victims, some 15,000 of them given food, shelter, care, counseling and [enrolled in] continuous study programs.
The US development agency, he said, conducted due diligence when VFFI made its bid for funds.
Oebanda, VFFI founding president and executive director, has also been cited for the impact of her work.
6, based on the complaint of Daniel Altman (special agent in charge of the [Europe and Asia] Office of the Inspector General-USAID), the testimony of two whistle-blowers and boxes of falsified documents seized in a raid on the VFFI office in Cubao, Quezon City.
The whistle-blowers said VFFI fabricated the receipts and contracts to justify the expenses charged against the P300 million donated by the USAID.
Angeles said the NBI probe had established that the order to manufacture the fake receipts came from the VFFI president.
Laurence Arroyo, lawyer of the VFFI, denied the NBI findings and said that a former VFFI employee could be behind the falsification of documents.